About Me

I'm Andy Russell, a software developer from Boston. I work on the Inpatient Clinicals team at athenahealth, developing an electronic health record for hospitals.

I enjoy programming at work and at home. I have work experience developing and testing full-stack web applications, and I dabble in both low-level and game programming on my own time. The code powering this website is written by me. I am interested in programming language theory and implementation: I've written a compiler for a music programming language.

I'm proficient in Java, Python, Rust, Perl, C++, and C. I can code comfortably in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well. I dabble in Scala and Objective-C. I have open-sourced most of my personal projects, and I've contributed to large open-source projects, including vim and Rust.

I graduated from Pomona College, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Classics. I can translate Latin at a high level.

Diversity and inclusiveness are extremely important to me, especially in tech. In college I led Hack, an organization dedicated to hosting hackathons emphasizing learning over competition.

I love both learning and teaching: I've held nightly sessions teaching web development to both new and experienced programmers.

My Interests

I grew up just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. I've lived in Claremont, San Jose, and Mountain View as well. I love the outdoors, telling stories, and playing video games. My favorite games include Wario Land III, Super Mario World, and Earthbound. I keep an up-to-date backlog of the games I'm playing.

I enjoy listening to various forms of music, mostly electronic. Freezepop is my favorite band. I also am a huge chiptune fan, including both retro video game tracks and original works.

I'm a Linux enthusiast, and have used Arch Linux as my daily driver for years. Vim is my editor of choice.