Blog is Up and Running!


I am excited to announce that now has its own blog! I am running WordPress on my site. This means that my posts will be archived and searchable, and I will be able to update easily and frequently. Woo hoo!

The implementation of the blog itself was a learning experience. I went though a lot of different ideas to figure out how best to add the feature. I originally planned to code a rudimentary blog of my own design after playing around in Django. However, I realized that my web hosting does not support Django in my plan. Thus, I turned to WordPress, which was a relatively painless install. I had a minor hiccup with character encoding issues, but that was solved by commenting out two lines in the config file.

As you can probably see, right now the design of the blog itself clashes with the rest of the site design. I hope to rectify that soon, but it will take a lot of work digging into the WordPress templates to change the code. I will learn about WordPress templates and delve deeper into CSS to fix this issue.

On another note, I have changed the site's directory structure to make the URLs a little bit prettier. Nothing huge, but the PHP was surprisingly uncooperative. Though I still consider myself a beginner, I learned a little but more about PHP and what goes on "under the hood" on my web server.

All in all, today was a very successful day for this site. I can't wait to continue this learning experience!