What I've Been Up To Lately


Before the blog update I hadn't done much in my site in about a month. However, I didn't sit idle during that time. I mostly spent this time learning the C programming language. I am currently in the middle of Zed Shaw's Learn C the Hard Way tutorial, which has been absolutely fascinating. The inherent "unsafeness" of C is a stark contrast to my Java background. Memory management and type dangers sometimes make C programming a headache, and I've seen the frustrating "segmentation fault" error occur more than a few times. However, my C skill is at the point where I can implement basic data structures, which I am quite proud of. Though I consider myself to have a working knowledge of C, I want learn more about I/O and how to make efficient C programs.

As for class, I am learning C++. Though the language has its similarities to C, I would definitely consider them different beasts. I am much more comfortable with object oriented programming, so the transition has been relatively painless. It is interesting how C++ and Java differ in their design philosophies, and I see the advantages of both. More recently class has focused on the differences between deep and shallow copying, and the errors associated when the wrong copy is used. I successfully implemented a priority queue for my assignment last week, and this week I am writing functions that will write and read binary trees from files. C++ is a very powerful language. Its amazing how many features are included by default, and I cant wait to learn more.

What's the next step? For my personal projects, I plan to continue development of this site. I still only have one project in my projects directory, which I hope to attend to soon. Before the summer I hope to become more comfortable in Python. I wish to create a simple turn-based fighting game in Python and upload a working version soon. The game will use the Pygame library. Python is very enticing to me; it has a vastly differnt style from other languages that I know but it is a language that is fun to program in.

So thats how things are shaping up. Great things are still to come!