A Neovim plugin that adds asynchronous markdown preview. Upon opening a markdown file, the plugin opens a browser window that renders the markdown in real-time using websockets. The backend is an editor-agnostic library known as aurelius.

Room Full of Cats

A puzzle-action game for the Nintendo Gameboy. The game runs on both actual hardware and emulators.


A domain-specific programming language for composing chiptune. The repository contains examples of songs implemented in ChipLang, including the Super Mario Bros. theme song, and the Final Fantasy prelude.


The Facebook Filesystem. FBFS is an alternative interface to Facebook where Friends, statuses, photos, etc. are represented as files or directories on the user's computer. Filesystem features such as permissions and symbolic links are used to provide as smooth a user-experience as possible. The repository also contains a research paper describing the implementation in detail.

Rust vs. D: Exploring Possible Successors of C++

My work for the Pomona College Senior Exercise, as a part of earning my degree in Computer Science. I held a study where programmers attempted to implement a series of example programs in C++, D, and Rust. I studied the number and type of bugs that arose, and discussed how various language features assisted in preventing such bugs in a paper.


My personal Vim colorscheme. It is a dark, high-contrast colorscheme with lots of oranges and yellows to emphasize the code while fading the UI into the background.